Prof. Datuk Dr. Hajjah Bibi Florina Abdullah

Lincoln University College, Malaysia

Prof. Datuk Dr. Hjh. Bibi Florina Binti Abdullah, was the First Director of Nursing of the Ministry of Health after it was given the Degree scheme by Public Service Department is also the Registrar of Nursing Board and Registrar of Nursing Board. She has the greatest passion in changing the whole face of the nursing profession. She was instrumental in professionalized nursing as a profession from the diploma to the degree level. Undoubtedly, her passion in nursing field has been continually transformed to Lincoln University College. She has been instrumental to send Malaysian nurses to the Middle East especially in Arab Saudi.

Prof.Datuk Dr. Abdul Gani Bin Mohammed Din

Prof. Datuk Dr. Abdul Gani Bin Mohammed Din

Vice Chancellor and CEO
Lincoln University College, Malaysia
Former Deputy Director-General of Health, Ministry of Health,

Prof. Datuk Dr. Abdul Gani Bin Mohammed Din, who is the Deputy Vice Chancellor and CEO. Previously he was the Deputy Director General, Ministry of Health, Government of Malaysia. He has contributed his entire careers to make Malaysia more developed and more competitive country in health management field. As the Head of Academic, Datuk Dr. Abdul Gani ensures that the courses offered are more practical, entrepreneurial and holistic. Thus, the knowledge that the students gain from the University College has a great value and can be practiced in the real world.

Prof. Dr. AmiyaBhaumik

Prof. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik

Lincoln University College, Malaysia

The Founder and President of Lincoln University College is Dr. Amiya Bhaumik, who is purely from the field of education. He is an Executive Vice President of the International Education Consulting Group, St. Louis, USA since 1999. Dr. Amiya Bhaumik was Research Fellow of UNESCO, Paris during this tenure, Dr. Bhaumik has traveled extensively to Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has served as professor of Business Administration in University of Lucknow, India and in University of Malaya. and many other countries.

Abdul Aziz Omar

Ir Abdul Aziz Omar AMP

Engineering and Engineering Technology Accreditation Departments
Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

Ir Abdul Aziz Omar, AMP, is currently the Director, Engineering and Engineering Technology Accreditation Departments, Board of Engineers Malaysia.

Ir. Abdul Aziz completed his tertiary education in the United States, where he obtained his Masters and Bachelor degrees from Ohio University. While his undergraduate training was in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, his graduate specialisation was in Environmental Studies. Ir. Abdul Aziz has over 19 years of experience as an academician, 6 years as a process/project engineer and 4 years as a senior manager. He has worked on many projects related to the environment, safety studies and process engineering design. Among his many experiences, a significant one would be the setting up of the School of Chemical Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He was appointed the founding Dean of the School. In March 2001, Ir. Abdul Aziz joined UTP, where he was the Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering until 2016 before was seconded to BEM in his current position.

Ir. Abdul Aziz is a registered Professional Engineer in Chemical Engineering, registered with the Malaysian Board of Engineers since 1989, and Chartered Engineer from United Kingdom from 2006. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), UK.

Nowshad Amin

Professor Dr. Nowshad Amin

Institute of Sustainable Energy
Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)

Professor Dr. Nowshad Amin is a Strategic Hire Professor at the Institute of Sustainable Energy of Universiti Tenaga Nasional (@ UNITEN, The National Energy University) as well as an Adjunct Professor to the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (@UKM, The National University of Malaysia). After the higher secondary education from his native country, Bangladesh, he received the Japanese Ministry of Education (MONBUSHO) scholarship in 1990 to study electrical engineering, where he got BSc (1996) from Toyohashi University of Technology, Masters (1998) and PhD (2001) from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. His areas of expertise include Solar Photovoltaic Energy applications and Solar Cell development. He is actively involved in promoting Solar Energy to the developing countries in South and South East Asia.